Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association (IASTA)

For synergetic exchange of useful resources towards the advancement in the field of aerosols in general, and for providing the interested individuals and institutions a platform to showcase their work, IASTA maintains a repository of information.

Conference proceedings, technical papers, and reports are published in IASTA Bulletin. To facilitate a more focused interaction across a wide range of expertise that the members of IASTA represent, the association intends to form Forums and Groups based on the relevance and similarity of scientific interests. Feedback to Secretary, IASTA from the members is invited towards the constitution of such groups.

IASTA archives the proceedings of the conferences and the scientific contributions of its members in the form of IASTA Bulletins. A limited set of such bulletin in available for the online access.

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Members of IASTA who wish to post any technical information on this web Site can contact Secretary, IASTA