Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association (IASTA)

IASTA encompasses a valuable spread of expertise with it's over 600 members across various scientific, medical, industrial, and academic domains. Membership of the association is open to individuals without any discrimination of sex, race or nationality and to recognized bodies and institutions who subscribe to the objectives of the fields related to aerosol research and applications.

Becoming a member of the association has many benefits. Above all, it enables reaching the members of the scientific community having similar interests. It facilitates the access to quality information on aerosol and related fields.

IASTA recognizes its members in two broad classes. These classes of along with the respective eligibility criterion are governed as under:

  • Honorary Member shall be a person of outstanding professional distinction in the field of Aerosol Science and Technology.
  • Life Member shall be person who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the Association and shall be a science & engineering graduate or a person who has adequate experience in the field and who has paid the fees for this class.

One can express the interest of becoming a member of the association by filling out the online questionnaire or by sending the copy of duly filled printed form.

The Life Membership fee of ₹ 4130 (including 18% GST) to be pain along with the Application Form.

Honorary Members and Patrons are exempted from payment of fees.

Students can join IASTA by paying ₹ 590 (including 18% GST) per annum.

Institutional membership can be granted to commercial institutions at a cost of ₹ 23,600 (including 18% GST) per annum

Non-commercial institution at a cost of ₹ 5900 (including 18% GST) per annum.

For enquiry about the benefits of becoming IASTA member, contact secretary IASTA.

The applicant will be intimated regarding confirming his membership after due approval from the Executive Committee of IASTA.