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India Aerosol Science and Technology Association addresses an array of aerosol related disciplines.

Environmental Effects
Atmospheric dispersion, Atmospheric Electricity, Cloud physics, Acid Rain, Atmospheric Radioactivity, Climate Change, Visibility, Source Apportionment and
Receptor Modeling
Health Effects and
Medical Applications

Air Pollution, Radio Labeled Aerosols, Nuclear Aerosols, Bio-Aerosols, Drug delivery, Lung imaging, Designer Drugs
Industrial Safety and Applications
Material synthesis, Sprays, Defense Application, Air cleaning Technology,
Occupational protection, Dyes and Paints
/                \
Basic Sciences
Nucleation, Aggregation, Mesoscopic State, Soft-condensed matter, Fractals
Material Synthesis, EHD Sprays, Nanoaerosol Measurement, Nanocoatings
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