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IASTA archives the proceedings of the conferences and the scientific contributions of its members in the form of IASTA Bulletins. A limited set of such bulletin in available for the online access. Members are encouraged to submit original research work in the field of aerosol science and technology for publication in IASTA bulletin. Submissions can be made to Editor, IASTA Bulletin.

Online IASTA Bulletins

  IASTA 2004 IIT Kanpur   4th AAC Mumbai   IASTA 2007 New Delhi   IASTA 2010 Darjeeling   IASTA 2012 Mumbai    
  IASTA 2004 IITK Bulletin   4th AAC Bulletin   IASTA 2007 IITK Bulletin   IASTA 2007 IITK Bulletin   IASTA 2012 Proceedings    
  IASTA 2013   IASTA 2013   IASTA 2013   IASTA 2015   IASTA 2015
  IASTA Jan 2013 e-Bulletin   IASTA Jun 2013 e-Bulletin   IASTA Dec 2013 e-Bulletin   IASTA Jan 2015 e-Bulletin   IASTA May 2015 e-Bulletin
  IASTA 2016   IASTA 2018            
  IASTA Mar 2016 e-Bulletin   IASTA Nov 2018 e-Bulletin  

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